Funny Love Poem

Funny Poem About Kissing Chemistry

A playful and inviting poem that celebrates the allure and joy of a simple yet intimate act: a kiss. Through lighthearted verses, the poem encourages daring and embraces the power of love, while also hinting at the deeper connections that can be forged through a single kiss

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Kiss Me

© more by Jim Ellis

Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011 with permission of the Author.

Kiss me kiss me if you dare
I really doubt you'll do it
Kiss me kiss me I don't care
There's really nothing to it

Pucker up those lips of yours
Place them on my own
Come find out just what's in store
I'll chill ya to the bone

Love me love me if you can
It makes the kissing nicer
A kiss like yours just can't be planned
It makes things really nice here

Wed me wed me take me away
Fulfill my fondest wish
Then kiss me every single day
And at night, hey, how about a kiss


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