Mother Child Poem

Poem About Mother Leaving

A mother leaves her child with her father. Years later, her daughter shares her feelings of pain and betrayal.

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I Don't Need You


Published: February 2006

What do you expect me to do or say after you up and left, treating me this way?
What do you expect me to think now, when the only thing I want to know is how?
How could you walk away, just turn your back on me?
What is it you think your lies will help me see?
How can you sit so far away and blame things on my dad?
It's your fault; you left, and he's all I had.
Did you never look back or hug me good-bye?
Why didn't it hurt you to see me cry?
Even though you'll never see my tears, I've been silently crying for the past 15 years.
You never saw me in my Kindergarten play, but I guess it's better off that way.
You never saw me go to my first school dance; you'll never see it now, and you blew that chance.
You weren't there to help me get over my first true love, but without you I still managed to rise above.
Did you share in the joy of my graduation? Because that was a true celebration.
I've grown up before everyone's eyes, except yours; you don't see that kind of thing behind closed doors.
So I will continue to smile and move on without you, while you sit there and do whatever it is you do.
Because it's too late to be mommy! I'm all grown up now, and I'm making it somehow.
And I'll continue to make it through, just like any other day without you.



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