Heartbreak Poem by Teens

I Feel My Heart Throb In Pain

I fell in love young, yes, I know many of you are thinking "you don't know what love is when you're young", but that's not true. I did get my heart broken by him. After that, I fell in love again, and got my heart broken, again. I have not been in a relationship with a guy since then. I don't know if I can yet.

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Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011 with permission of the author.

As I watch you walk away
And feel my heart throb in pain
As I wish you would come back
And I start to cry
I realize that although I love you
And although I love you
There is someone better than you.
You killed me emotionally
And I didn't fight back
You scarred me to where I'd never be the same
And I helped you.
What do I make of this?
I realize how idiotic I was for loving you
Yet I can't help it
I feel stupid for wanting you and needing you
Yet I still do
So as you walk away
As the jerk you are
I know, I know, deep in my heart that that was best
So when I still think about you
It's not with hatred or pity
It's not with violence or shame
It's with love and care
Although you hurt me and I'm still haunted
I can't stand to see you hurting
I can't stand to see you down
And through all that. . .
You still don't love me
This doesn't come as a surprise to me
In what world would someone like you ever love me?
So once again as I stand here, watching,
I know deep down that you will forget about me
But even deeper I know that walking away
Is as hard for you as it is for me
I know that you do love me. . . .
If only you'd realize that, too.


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