Break Up Poem

My girlfriend just broke up with me after a pretty good 2 years. She always says that she can't tell that I love her, even though I tell her everyday. She says that she still loves her ex, and that she is confused. She calls me still and tell me how much she loves me and I do not understand what I am suppose to do. All I know is that I want her back! It has been keeping me up at night and it is all I can think about right now, it is driving me insane. It hurts so much I can't explain it.

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Suppose To Be


Published: March 2011

I can't sleep I am stuck with pain,
The pain of knowing that I have been put to shame.
Everything I cared for is gone.
All I can do anymore is morn.

I love you so why can't you see,
That you are the only one for me.
I try to fix it but that doesn't matter,
You take all my dreams and make them shatter.

All I want is you, you will never understand,
Just how much pain I am willing to withstand.
I am here for you if you want to talk,
But for now I think I will go on a walk.

Into the darkness I go,
Wondering when I will lose my soul.
I am deeply in love with you so why can't it be,
The way it is suppose to be just you and me.


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