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I have not once had a boyfriend yet. Nor going to get one soon. I'm a 11 year old girl who loves to make poems. This is about the first nice sort of romantic poem I've ever made. I've seen many people break-up, kiss, or just flirt. And that's what inspired me to write this poem. Was those people. I wanted to thank those people who inspired me. God Bless You. :) Making poems sort of is what I do all the time. And I'm really thankful for those who helped me make this poem. I've been making poems ever since I was 4. And still do today.

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The sensitivity and responsiveness you show affects the way others behave towards you, strange but it's true.

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I Loved Him


Published: August 2008

I saw him with another girl and cried.
             I loved him.
He was the love of my life. He meant the world to me.
             I loved him.
I said to him "I'm happy for you." When I really didn't mean it.
             I loved him.
He held onto her and stared into her eyes if she were a angel. Like he used to do to me.
              I loved him.
Doesn't he know I still love him? He watched me cry in sorrow and didn't ask if I was ok.
               I loved him.
He came up to me today and said," I made a mistake...I love you want to get back together?" I cried and cried when he asked me that.
                That's when I realized.
                I fell in love with him.


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  • Coolfriend by Coolfriend
  • 7 years ago

The sensitivity and responsiveness you show affects the way others behave towards you, strange but it's true.

  • Bret by Bret, Nebraska
  • 8 years ago

It was the opposite for me. When I first started dating my most recent ex everything was great. On Easter I planned with her for her to meet my family. (I also planned to take her out to eat and I had bought her flowers.) On Easter she called me and told me she wanted to break up because she cheated on me and wanted him instead. So I threw the flowers away and stayed home from my family events. 3 months later we got back together only to have her sleep with my "best friend." I'm giving up for a while on relationships.

  • Escondido by Escondido
  • 9 years ago

For me it went backward. Went out with this amazing girl.. 8 months later she dumped me. 2 months after that she apologizes and says she made a mistake and I ask her if she's willing to go out again? She says yes. 2 months after that she dumps me again. Quite the story.

  • Mary by Mary, Alma
  • 10 years ago

I saw my ex boyfriend with another girl last Sunday and he walked near me with her and I walked away and I cried and he called me that afternoon and he asked me if I was ok and I said no I'm not. You move on with out me and I still love you and I hung up and he called back and said will you go back out with me and I said yea and I just realized I can't stay alive with out him. I think I fell in love with him I love him so much

  • A Tillley by A Tillley
  • 10 years ago

I fell in love with a guy at the age of 13 and was with him for a year and three months and the whole time we were together I felt like I trusted him and when we broke up it tore me to pieces and I saw him with my bestfriend and just wanted to cry my eyes out for a few reasons. 1)I was not completely over him. 2) we were not even apart for 2 weeks. 3) he was with my best friend & my bestfriend was with him knowing how I felt about him. So I lost two people cuz of one.:( to tell you the truth I still have some feelings for him.

  • Tressa by Tressa
  • 11 years ago

I love it. It reminds me of me & my ex. He asked me out and I told him "yes"..then a couple of weeks later he moved away to Mississippi. We told each other we weren't going to let the distance affect our relationship. So a couple of weeks went on & I didn't hear from him. He found a new girl that he really fell in love with. So, that night after he flirted with that girl he called and broke up with me. Then him and that girl got engaged and she cheated on him. So they split. And he came running back to me saying I realized I made to most biggest & dumbest mistake. That I was really & truly the only one he loved & wants to be with.

  • Adrinia by Adrinia
  • 12 years ago

This is great. I love it. It reminds me of me and my ex. He asked me out then dumped me a few weeks later...then asked me out again saying that he made a mistake and that he only loves me.

  • tiffany by tiffany
  • 12 years ago

I love it because its like me and my ex boyfriend he ask me back out last night and I ask why and he says he know he make a mistake. and I told him he would have to let me sleep on it but I love him. All I do is think about I don't know if I could get back with him.

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