True Love Poem

I regretted not taking a leap of faith, talking to my crushes, and putting myself out there. I didn't want to be afraid to be myself. I was asking God what the true meaning of love was.

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I'm Not Ready

© more by Keisha Swafford

Published: February 2009

Why do I feel so down on love?
Is love supposed to be this wonderful emotion that gives me joy inside?
I feel like love sucked the joy right out of me,
It's like my heart's been ran over by an 18 wheeler,

Keeping my feelings guarded for so long has been exhausting,
Looking at the guy that I've liked since high school started,
Every single day is torture on my soul,

I wish I had the courage to speak to him
instead of turning the other direction when he walks pass,
What about sitting next to 2 boys that I admire very much,
And hardly breathing a word to them,
Why is God making me go through this?
I know I can't blame God for this problem,
Since I'm the one who is the coward

God is love and vice versa, am I right?
So maybe I'm not ready for love yet,
It may not be my time just yet,

Just maybe, God wants me to wait for the right person to come along and sweep me off my feet,
God doesn't want me to be disappointed again,
I guess I have to be patient and wait a little bit longer,
Since God is love, I will trust that he will take care of me in the department of true, pure love.


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