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I'm a college student and a mother of one. I wrote this poem for my grandmother because she's the one who kept this family together. My grandfather died in 2003 and I knew then a piece of her was gone. Now she can join him once again. This poem is basically about the lifestyle she led.

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My Grandma died just a few days ago from a stroke. I miss her so much!

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I Miss Grandma


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2009 with permission of the Author.

Grandma's love was sweet, pure, sincere and very dear.
The day she died, I tried not to cry but couldn't hold back the tears.

I text mom and said, "She's gone!" My mother said, "Gone where?"
For she didn't know Grandma was gone to be with the man upstairs.

My grandma was very faithful and knew her Bible well,
From Genesis to Revelation, there were so many stories to tell.

She made sure we were in church on Sundays, in order to understand
The Bible verses the way she did and to learn about the Almighty man.

She had a beautiful voice; she sung hymns and songs so well,
"A Charge" was her favorite hymn, at least from what I could tell.

She sung that hymn the best she could, and it was music to my ears,
To hear my grandma sing a song made my eyes well up with tears.

Grandma was a great cook; she could broil, fry, and bake.
She cooked a mean peach cobbler that tasted better than any cake.

Her food was very tasty; she had that magic touch,
She knew how to measure her ingredients without the measuring cups.

She's gone to a better place now, a place I hope to see.
She's not dead and gone, for she's resting peacefully.

She was truly loved, and that she'll always be.
Now she's up there in heaven watching over me.


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  • Osage City by Osage City
  • 12 years ago

My Grandma died just a few days ago from a stroke. I miss her so much!

  • Travis D Cook by Travis D Cook, Olivehurst
  • 12 years ago

My dads' friends' mother died on my dads birthday. My Grandma died on my uncles birthday. 8-21-11 was a sad, sad day for me. I turned 13 2 months before she had passed. She wanted me to do a wheelie in her wheel-chair. That day never came. :( . I just wish I would stop crying. But for her, It was her last. But not for me. She will always be in my heart. She was a Godly women! Grandma Leonda Gehl Cook, I LOVE YOU! You will never leave me and my heart. I wish you would've been there when Waylon turned 18. ( October 30th 2011) I am still 13, and can't stop thinking about when my mom went in the waiting room and said, "Grandma Lee is gone." I thank the Lord for the days I breathe, and for the days I live. I will never forget you Grandma Lee. :(...

  • Bradley by Bradley, South Carolina
  • 14 years ago

Was thinking about my grandma, and this poem describes my grandmother so well. She could cook anything (without the measuring cups). She also loved music, and I am a church organist, and after she could no longer go to church I brought her a recording of every weeks service. I LOVE and Miss my grandma. Thank you for this wonderful poem.

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