Rape Poem by Teens

Okay. You should all guess what this is about.. I mean, I tried to make it obvious.. It's about rape. Personal. Stand up and help fight the pain that we go through. Men and women. Help us stand against this. Rate. Tell me what you think. Any changes, I'll make them. This helps me get over things.. Let's see if it puts it into perspective for you...

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Is This A Dream?


Published: June 2011

His arm is tight against my waist
It's only a dream, I tell myself
I feel the chill of the blade against my throat
I'm just dreaming, none of this is real

Scream and you lose, he whispers against my ear
This is my imagination, I'm sure
I feel him rip my dress off
This hurts, how do dreams hurt?

I don't know what's going on
Dreams are meant to be clear
I can feel his breath deepen, why?
Dreams aren't meant to have feelings

I wish I knew what to scream for
But no-one can hear you in dreams
I just wish he'd stop
Dreams always have to end

I feel the dagger break my flesh, see the blood
You don't bleed in dreams
I feel the blood running down my skin, hot and red
This is all wrong

Why am I feeling this? Why does it hurt?
Dreams aren't real
He has finished with me, and I'm just lying here
Bleeding, dying, leave me here

I come to my senses and I realize there's no-one
This isn't a dream
I am lying here, abandoned, used
This is not a dream

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