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My daughter, not by blood, is one of the most important people in my life. She lives in a different state now, but we talk every day. This innocent child is verbally and mentally abused by her biological mother. She is an alcoholic, compulsive gambler and suffers from Bi-Polar Disorder. The child spends every spring break and summer months with me which helps balance her life. Someday she will be free from the chaos. I wish Child Protective Services truly had the child's best interest at heart but they say as long as she has no physical marks, she is being taken care of. Our system needs to change.

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Joined At The Heart


Published: December 2013

A bond from birth we share every day.
Not everyone understands what role I play.
I am the person you call other Mom.
Through heartache and hurt I keep you calm.
When laughter and joy comes from your heart,
those feelings of sorrow will begin to part.

The sense of completion is what I feel
When I see that your wounds are almost healed.
Promises broken and yet you still smile,
but I swear to you baby it'll all be worthwhile.
The bond that we have is both simple and pure
It's about love and devotion from one little girl.

Your mom will not know the damage she's done,
but you will remember the scars which succumb.

Anytime you need me I will forever be there.
We are two of a kind with the love that we share.


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