Brother Death Poem

Living Life After Losing A Brother

My late brother was a wonderful writer. I did not appreciate or encourage his writing as much as I should have when he was alive. I have never attempted to write poems before, but writing this poem has helped me feel connected to him. I hope this makes him proud.

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Life After You


Published: July 15, 2017

It occasionally feels like drowning, as this new reality sinks in.
Six full months without you; who knew I had this strength built in?

Life goes on, and that's the saddest part.
Because living this life without you is what truly hurts my heart.

Our friends and family won't mention your name now,
As if it would actually make me feel worse somehow.

They are petrified of their own anxiety,
And so I choose to grieve by myself quietly.

Photos of you around the house keep your memory alive.
This is the way mama has learned how to cope and survive.

Images of your face cannot escape her,
Even though official records of you have been erased on paper.

Who knew picking out a headstone was such a daunting task?
Polish or rock pitch? And what the heck is an epitaph?

Inscribing your birth and death date feels painful and unfair,
Setting in stone a permanent reminder of my worst nightmare.

Your chapter may have ended, but your story will live on.
You will always be my brother, even though you are gone.



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