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Living Without My Brother

I lost my brother July 12, 2013, to a fatal car accident. One phone call changed my whole life within seconds. There was no goodbye; it was just a new life, new life without my brother. Losing a loved one is a very hard thing to deal with that not everyone can understand or relate to. Writing down day to day how I feel gives me strength and faith to keep going and reminding myself I will see him again. There's nothing you can do but keep going because life does go on.

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I lost my younger brother on May 26, 2017, from a car crash that had happened 3 days prior. He fought hard, but the pressure he had in his head grew too much and we lost him. I still can't...

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Strength Without You

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Published: October 2016

As a year has passed and two will be soon,
I look back at all the strength I have consumed.

From the day you left, I was lost, broken, and confused,
Never seeing the day a smile could ever be true.

But as the days went on you sent me signs,
Giving me the comfort everyone needs at times.

Times we are low, times we feel weak,
You were there to sweep me off my feet.

My smile then began to grow to be true,
Knowing this isn't the end and I'll still see you.

Until then I promise to live and grow,
To reach my dreams, not only for me but for you too.



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  • Cody Wall by Cody Wall
  • 1 year ago

I lost my younger brother on May 26, 2017, from a car crash that had happened 3 days prior. He fought hard, but the pressure he had in his head grew too much and we lost him. I still can't find a new normal. I find it especially hard to deal with it happening to him at such a young age of 19, but I find reading other people's stories and listening to music helps me remember him. When I am remembering him in those ways, it pushes me to keep pushing on.

  • Sabrina by Sabrina
  • 2 years ago

We lost our baby brother Sep 25th 2010 in a car accident that took the lives of my brother (age 24), his girlfriend (age 22), and a close family friend (age 42). I remember my cousin beating on my door at around 2 am. I could tell by the look on her face it was bad, but when she told me my little brother was gone, it felt like somebody hit me in the chest with a sledgehammer. I couldn't catch my breath. I think I began throwing up after she told me. Everything got hazy. I miss my baby brother every day. Although he was 8 years younger than me, we were super close, as well as our middle brother. We were always close growing up, and even after we had our own children we remained close. We love each other.

  • Summer Ann by Summer Ann
  • 3 years ago

I lost my brother when I was 14 years old. I am now 17, and losing my brother made me realize a lot of things in life. He passed away from liver failure (he was also born with it). His name is (not WAS, because he will always be with us in spirit) Jeramiah, and he would be 20 now. He will forever be missed along with all the other brothers who had to leave their little sisters or big sisters behind because of tragic accidents. May your heart rest and your soul forever be alive.

  • Sis. Maryam Chambler by Sis. Maryam Chambler
  • 3 years ago

One early morning in the month of January, I received a call. The voice said, "My mother is in ICU. I think you should come." In less than a minute, I found myself behind the wheel, traveling, praying, making deals with God. I knew that day and that call would come someday, but when that call came in that early morning in the month of January, I was not prepared. My heart felt heavy. My sister was to be gone in that early morning month of January. I walk alone now, with memories, with tears, with smiles, with sighs, and I think about that early morning in the month of January.

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