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Mother Dies In Car Crash

I wrote this poem in honor of my beautiful mother who died in an auto accident on November 15, 2007. I was driving. Although the accident was not my fault, I feel guilt because I am alive and my beautiful mother died. She was my best friend, and I miss her more than words could ever tell.

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I lost my mum last Monday. She had been in the ICU for a week due to a cardiac arrest. The morning the arrest happened, it took me a full team of ambulance workers and fire crew to bring her...

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I Wasn't Ready To Let You Go


Published: December 2007

I wasn't ready to let you go.
Even though I'm told that it was your time,
I can't get that through my mind.
I wasn't ready to let you go.

It wasn't meant to be that way.
Why did we go out that dreadful day?
It wasn't meant to be that way.

The scene of the crash plays
time and time again through my brain,
as I cry in agony over the pain.

I reach out and take you by the hand
and ask, Mom, are you okay?
You answer I don't think so and slip away.

No, I scream,
this cannot be.
This can not be happening, I cry.
I beg you to stay.
This cannot be happening this way.

A careless driver in a hurry.
You beat the cancer,
got through the worst of the chemo,
looking forward to the future
without a worry.
A careless driver in a hurry.

Suddenly in a flash,
the sound of metal scraping,
glass breaking.
It took a few seconds for your life to end.
It took a few seconds for a lifetime of pain and sorrow to begin.

Momma, will the tears ever dry?
I ask this as I wipe my eyes.
I'm told in time,
but I don't think so.
I wasn't ready to let you go..


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  • Jessica by Jessica
  • 1 year ago

I lost my mum last Monday. She had been in the ICU for a week due to a cardiac arrest. The morning the arrest happened, it took me a full team of ambulance workers and fire crew to bring her back doing CPR. It took 2 hours to stabilize her. Once getting her to the hospital, it was discovered the amount of brain damage from lack of oxygen was way beyond repair. She wouldn't have been even able to function - like a newborn baby. The doctors politely advised over the 4-5 day mark that there was nothing else they could do. I quickly got on the phone to family to come and say goodbye. Over the next two days, I had our family and her friends come and say goodbye to her. Sunday lunch time her breathing tube was taken out and the doctors said it would only be a matter of hours or possibly a day. That night me and her sisters did an overnight visual. Monday morning at 9.02am as I held my mum's hand with her sisters by my side, we watched my mum take her last breath. She survived 15 hours.

  • Super Sad by Super Sad
  • 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing. I lost my beautiful mom about 48 hours ago in a horrific head-on collision. I don't know if the tears will ever stop. I don't know that the pain will ever end. I just want my mom. I loved her so much, and I hope she knew and understood that. I truly believe that to be absent from the body means you're present with the Lord, but I miss her. I want her back. I am so broken, and I thank you for sharing your poem. I love you, mom.

  • Grace by Grace
  • 3 years ago

On March 19, 2018, I was told my mom was killed in a car accident. She fell asleep at the wheel. Your words have hit deep and resonated with me. RIP to our beloved mothers.

  • Tina Chalwe by Tina Chalwe
  • 4 years ago

Hi, my mum died when I was 7. She was a happy woman, full of life and very strong hearted...focused and determined...always positive and full of life. I really wish half of her could be me right now, but that isn't the case because I cry every time I think of her. She's my weakness. Her death is ever fresh to me. She will always be the strongest and most caring woman I have ever met. I never spent so much time with her on Earth, but I do remember some words of encouragement she could give my elder brother and sister. I miss you, Mum.

  • Chantelle by Chantelle
  • 9 months ago

Hi Tina Chalwe
My mom also died when I was 7. I remember the scenes just like it was yesterday. It's been 10 years today . I've grown to look like her I took up her eyes and smile. I really miss my mom she fought a lot of diseases like TB, pneumonia and stroke but she was one hell of a strong woman. When she died on the 9th of September in 2010. I was fetched from school. I sat by the bed side, watched her wrapped up body. Then my grandma uncovered her for me. The picture is still clear, she looked pale. I didn't know what to do. I just kissed her and cried some more. I watched as her body was put in the hearse and off she went to the mortuary. The following day she was laid to rest and I also watched her body for the last time. I didn't want to move from her casket. Even today I think of her. No one will ever take her place. There are times I wish she was just here. I started my modelling career just as she had always wanted me to be a super model like Naomi . Love you so much Mom

  • Nonjabulo by Nonjabulo
  • 6 years ago

Hey there, my mom died three years ago, I wasn't ready to let her go either, it was a car crash that happened when I was ten, I miss you mummy

  • Shama by Shama, Karachi
  • 7 years ago

Years rolled by but Amma, I simply can't let it go. The day you went into coma and then left me in that silence. Leaving me behind to go beyond my strength to fight this world, so full of problems. I miss you AMMA.

  • Dallas by Dallas, London
  • 7 years ago

I lost my mum in a car accident in '93. I understand how you feel! Feels like yesterday and still can't believe it actually happened. Now I have my kids and all I can do is tell them stories about my mum. And that really makes me proud and brings a smile!

  • Denise by Denise, Colorado
  • 7 years ago

That is a wonderful, and heartfelt poem. Mother's are hard to live without. My beautiful mother just passed away 2 months ago and the sadness is overwhelming sometimes. She was living with depression for quite sometime, and we couldn't help her since we lived 2 states away. She ended up committing suicide, and it brings guilt to my sister and me everyday. She needed so much more than what we could give her, although the sadness doesn't seem to subside. She also battled cancer and chemo and survived that 10 years ago. She had such a strong will to live at that time. As she said on our voicemail that we didn't get till it was too late, it was her time to go...

  • Jessica Helton Haughton La by Jessica Helton Haughton La
  • 7 years ago

I was looking for quotes and poems about loosing my mom, after many different pages I see mother dies in car crash. On November 15 07, caught my attention right away because I also lost my mother in car accident, on November 15 but in 01. I was 17 now almost 30 I still feel like it was yesterday. Thank you for this poem from someone who knows and understands what its like to loose your mother. My heart goes out to the one who wrote this

  • Sydney by Sydney, Indiana
  • 8 years ago

Hello My name is Sydney. I have a very similar situation that you do. I was with my mom when she died in a car accident as well. I was 15 years old and my mom wanted me to practice driving. A careless driver who was driving too fast hit my mom's side of the car. I blamed myself for everything. It all happened so fast I was knocked unconscious. I laid there in the hospital room screaming that this was all just a dream. I kept saying "no!". I was not ready to let her go. She was my best friend, it was just her and I and together we had made it through everything. She fought cancer and a nasty divorce. I did not think for one second that I could survive without her. She was my everything. I often look up to heaven and ask those very same questions you do, "momma will the tears every dry?" Then I ask God to take care of my momma because she deserves the best there is. 4 years later and all I can say is that you have to take it day by day. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless

  • India by India
  • 9 years ago

My mom died on 26 Jan 2008. I was very sad, but couldn't express since I had to pacify my maternal grandmother. I saw my grandparent in dreams a week before advising me that I have to handle everything from now onwards. since my dad didn't live with us and I was the only child, I felt lonely since then onwards. My mom was driving a two wheeler and a passenger bus hit her from behind. She died on the spot. I miss her all the time. It feels like there was so much to talk about there were so many things to do but only till she was with me. The day she died I felt I got to do nothing now. Every thing is over. Now things are beautiful , lovely and ample, but I can't enjoy and share. She was my life. I fought with her a lot but still she forgave my mistakes and my faults. She was beautiful and I love her.

  • Maria Igreja by Maria Igreja, Mississauga
  • 9 years ago

My mother died about a month ago (January 26, 2012) because of a car accident also. My father was driving. Both my parents were on their way home after dropping off 3 of their grandchildren at school when their car got t-boned by a school bus. My dad walked away without a scratch but we were told that my mother died instantly. My mother was only 65 years old, she was not ready to go, she still had so much to live for. We never got to say good bye or tell her how much we really loved her. It still feels unreal at times but other times the loss is so unbearable. We seem to miss her more and more everyday. All of it seems so unfair. How can people say that with time it gets better?? Not for me, it seems to get worse. The thought of her seeing that bus coming at her kills me. What she must of been thinking at the time...

  • A.K.R by A.K.R, Ar
  • 9 years ago

My mother died in a car crash. I was about one when it happened so I don't know her. I don't know much about her. I hear stories but they're not pretty. They make my mother out to be a bad person. I don't want to believe that I can't. This poem helps a lot thank you.

  • Amanda by Amanda, Il
  • 9 years ago

Your poem touched my heart! I know we all hate to hear "I'm sorry for your loss". I lost my mother in March 2011 in a car accident. She was running a errand for our family business on that early Thursday morning. A school bus driver was running late in his personal truck and t-boned her driver side door. She was pronounced dead at the hospital within 30 minutes. She just turned 50 in January. I feel your pain, we all ask why does this have to happen to us. All I tell myself is that it was her time and god needed a wonderful angel! Her life shouldn't have ended she had so much more to do in her life. I just want to say your poem was so wonderful to read. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Sara by Sara, Virginia
  • 10 years ago

My mom passed away in November 2010. She was almost done with Chemo. Doctor even said her cancer had gone- but she needed to complete the chemo.... she died from lung complications... not cancer. I feel cheated and angry... your poem was beautiful and made me cry. I miss my mom so much.... and I for sure was not ready to let her go. I miss and need her oh so much.

  • Joy by Joy, Minnesota
  • 11 years ago

This is so crazy, I was looking for a particular "life" poem and stumbled onto this site and starting checking it out when I came upon your poem. My mom was killed in a car crash on 11-23-07 and she too survived cancer and I wasn't ready to let her go either. I cry less often that I used to but this brought a tear to my eye. I feel your pain and thank you for such a wonderful poem.

  • Jessica by Jessica
  • 11 years ago

This really touched me. I mean I still have my mother and never have gone through what you went through. I just lost my aunt a few months ago. I know the pain is not the same. I'm sorry for your lost hun. Keeping writing poems. Your amazing.

  • Dinusha by Dinusha
  • 12 years ago

This is a very touching poem ... I too lost my mother nearly 4 years ago due to cancer but I was not ready to let her go... She died at the age of 49 and I know she was not ready too... She too went through lot of pain from Chemo. I will always miss her and I still see her in my dreams...

  • Sam Adams by Sam Adams
  • 12 years ago

This poem is very touching. I understand what it is like to loose loved ones for I had lost my best friend and my uncle during the same year as well as finding out of the death of a friend this morning. It may not be the same however, I do understand where you are coming from. Keep plowing through the hard times. Things will get a little easier as time passes.

  • tanea b flores by tanea b flores
  • 12 years ago

it wasn't your fault I can tell remember
we never know what the futures hold for us and to cherish what you had with your mom....

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