Mother Death Poem

Pleading With God To Let Mom Live

I struggle with talking to God. My mother was on a ventilator, and I didn't know if I would hear her voice again. A good friend told me to give it to God, so I did it the only way I knew how and I wrote this poem.

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Dear Mama

© Rebecca Pruett

Published on January 2, 2017

Dear Mama, I love you so.
I need you here; I can't let go.
Your laugh, your smile is such a treat.
You're the very best mama; you can't be beat.
I want to be with you morning and night.
I'm right here with you through this fight.
I don't like to see you sick or sad.
The way time flew just makes me mad.
I cannot go on if you go away.
I'm lost for words with so much to say.
I learn to love, grow, and smile,
And when it counts to walk that extra mile.
Sometimes you didn't have the words to say,
But I knew you loved me every day.
I pray to the heavens up above
To help this woman whom we love,
To make her strong enough to fight.
To take her from us would not be right.
We need her here to be sane.
We wish for you to take her pain.
Angels above, come stand by her side.
Let your love wash over her; bring in the tide.
Heal her and help her through the dark.
I love her so much with all of my heart.
I cannot lose her, I cannot rest.
I'll do anything to pass this test.
She's so very important to me.
I'm begging you, Lord, don't let her leave.



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