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You'll Be My Baby Forever

My son is my world, my life and my heart. His smile lightens my heart and his breath takes mine away.

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My Babbling Heart


Published: March 21, 2020

Giggles, squeals and ticklish heels.
Tantrums, sighs and watery eyes.
A big gummy grin and wet sloppy kiss,
A frustrated grumble and clenched little fists.

The highs and the lows.
Your red runny nose.
Bright rosy cheeks
And babbling speak.

You are my life, my joy and my heart.
I watch you grow up so very fast.
It's my pride and hope of the things you'll see,
The man you'll become and the mother I'll be.

Dreams of your future, so far away.
Memories of the present that won't slip away.
My baby you'll be when you're all grown too.
My baby you'll be your whole life through.


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