Children Poem

A mother writes a letter to her child wishing that he/she will greet the world with arms wide open.

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My Baby, My Butterfly


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2006 with permission of the Author.

To my child,
May you never be afraid to fly.
May you always keep the innocence that you hold at this young age.
When you are out on a branch and you feel it shake, have faith that it will steady itself again.
Enjoy your individual beauty and uniqueness; never wish that it would change.
When you fly go in a direction that will take you places to happiness, don't be distracted by those which will not.
You start out so small and fragile, unable to take flight, with time may you be able to fly on your own.
I look at you now knowing how blessed I am, to have the baby, the butterfly, I have.
May you spread your wings and fly without doubt.
I hope that you will give yourself the chance to let your mind wonder, and show you the way.
When you spread your wings and fly, know that I will always be there flying next to you, guiding you in the right direction, giving you the strength to wait out the storm, being the one to steady the branch.
Above all else know that I love you, my baby and my butterfly, and that you always have my open wings to fly back to.


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