Loss of Father Poem

My father raised my sister and me alone since we were ages 6 and 3. He was my girl scout leader, he was my home room "mother", and he braided my hair every morning before school. He was my hero. He took in every little girl that befriended us, and they all attended his funeral. He was a father to all; a loving, dear man. There is no other like him. He always told me that I had "the magic" to make it in life, and it is only because of that that I will make it through this loss. I am blinded with pain, but powered by the strength he gave me.

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My Daddy


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2010 with permission of the Author.

I miss you Daddy. 
I don't mean to disturb you, and I hope I'm not.  I just want to vent. 
Today I needed comfort and I thought of calling you.
It wasn't a detailed thought, only an urge......and then I remembered.
I ache, I hurt, I miss.
Who am I now that you are gone?
Do I still have "the magic" to make it through hard times?
I don't know.
How I wish I could feel you hug me, and kiss my face;
encourage me and tell me I am "perfect".
Who am I now that you are gone?
I look at your picture each night before I go to bed;
I tell you "goodnight".
My lipstick prints cover the glass;
I say, "I love you" to a piece of paper.
Do you hear me? 
I hope you do,
but I fear you do.
I don't want to disturb you.
I am lost without you,
but I will find my way.
I will find my way because
you gave me the "magic" to do so.
You will never be just my father.
You will always be "My Daddy".


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