Loss of Father Poem

Poem About A Daughter Remembering Her Dad

I wrote this poem for my beautiful dad who lost his battle with cancer.

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My daddy passed away recently from pneumonia after fighting lung and bone cancer. It's been a difficult time but knowing that he's not in pain anymore and that he's at rest has really helped....

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Goodnight Dad, God Bless


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014 with permission of the Author.

You used to spoil me rotten
With all your love and care
But now each time I look for you
You suddenly aren't there

I knew that it was coming
And that we'd have to say goodbye
But Dad, I wasn't ready
And the sad day has arrived

I'll no longer feel your arms around me tightly when I cry
Or be able to kiss you softly or wave to you goodbye

Because you are no longer here in spirit anyway
For God's special angels have been sent to carry you away

I hope you're watching over me the way you used to do
It really is the only way I think I might get through

Our tears and hurt consume us
As we lose you in our lives
But we have such happy memories behind these bloodshot eyes

I'll always miss you, Daddy, and I'll always love you, too
There'll never be another daddy quite as loved as you

Goodnight, God bless


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  • Jennifer by Jennifer, Nebraska
  • 9 years ago

My daddy passed away recently from pneumonia after fighting lung and bone cancer. It's been a difficult time but knowing that he's not in pain anymore and that he's at rest has really helped. Reading this brings back so many memories and describes him. I miss him so much and thank you for sharing this beautifully written poem!

  • Melissa Mcintyre by Melissa Mcintyre
  • 9 years ago

I lost my Dad on Sunday Oct. 12, 2014. Hepatocellular Carcinoma stage 4. from the time we found out he was with us exactly 2 months. I gave him his last drink and he told me good night. I miss him so much. I thank God everyday that he was here for me for 50 years.

  • Sean by Sean, Tura
  • 9 years ago

My father died of liver disease a month ago. I never expected that he would leave us early like this it was so unexpected. Now my life without him is so empty. I miss each and every single day spent with him. There is no other person who love and cares for me like him. Never let me go out late night, will always worry if I come late. Scold me and catches if I lie. Oh! Now I regret how much you loved me dad. I wish I just could turn back time. I wish I could hug you and say how much I was wrong bout you. I'm sorry dad. I love you and will always do. I always remember you in my prayers. Now you have gone to stay with Him forever. And even one day I'll get to see you. Love you dad.

  • Auora by Auora, Mission Viejo
  • 9 years ago

I lost my daddy 4/25/14 to stage 4 pancreatic cancer at age 76. My heart feels empty and I miss him every single day. I think this is all a nightmare from which I will soon wake up, but unfortunately I know that's wishful thinking. He loved me and my 4 sisters and my mom more than words can ever say. I love him so much and it's so difficult to think of life without him being part of it. Luckily he got to meet all his grandkids. My only hope is that I will see him again in Heaven. Loving you and missing you every day daddy.

  • Sheila Keene by Sheila Keene, Portageville
  • 9 years ago

My daddy will soon be gone thirty-one years. Even now, it's not much easier. You see, I was an only child, raised by my daddy and I became quite the "Daddy's Girl". I was spoiled rotten by his love and care and, I do know that he watches over me. The memories that I have of my daddy are what have and what will get me through his not being here with me. And, he, too was one of the most loved daddies in the world! :)

  • Sharon by Sharon, St. Catharines
  • 9 years ago

2014 will be the 14th Fathers Day without my dad, he was my "go to" guy, my hero, my protector and being his only daughter we had a very special relationship. I miss him every second of every day - he was an important part of my life and his daily 8 am phone calls just to say good morning are thought of every day and if wishes could come true I would love to give him a hug and a kiss, tell him how much he is missed and how thankful I am for having him as my Dad.

  • Kimberley Page by Kimberley Page
  • 9 years ago

My dad died 1 month ago against cancer. I am only 13 and life is difficult. X

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