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To my Shanita with all my love.

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It just made me open my eyes and realize what my mom is going through. I need to make sure I change.

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My Daughter

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Published: May 2008

What exactly have I done so wrong?
I've listened to her cries and her pleas
I tried to understand all of her needs, hopes and dreams
Yet as time goes on she continues hating me
Not trusting in my love
Not believing in our friendship
How can I remind her so she'll remember?

Why has she left me all alone?
I've always talked and cried with her
I've laughed and joked around
I've shared my secrets with her and all of my feelings
But as she get older she wants to leave,
run away so to speak
Never turning back, not even a blink
Will I ever see her again?

Where has my daughter gone?
She's hiding behind the teenage smoke screen
Rather be lonely than come back to me
I have to be the parent she doesn't like
Sorry if this she can't see
I can't seem to change her mind
How can I tell her I love her, and have her believe?

Is there any chance to help our relationship survive?
I've given her my heart and my soul
But she don't seem to care anymore
The closeness we once had seems to have died,
in a couple of weeks' time
It's a possibility she may one day forgive
Allowing our anger, pride and hurt to go away,
not holding a grudge for things that are not my fault
Will she ever accept my apologies?


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  • Arlette by Arlette
  • 6 years ago

It just made me open my eyes and realize what my mom is going through. I need to make sure I change.

  • Alicia Lopez by Alicia Lopez, Wichita Kansas
  • 8 years ago

Wow when I read this it made me see what I'm making my mom go through. I'm not smoking I'm just not talking to her as much I'm hiding in my room. This made me realize that I should change the way I'm doing things and talk to her about my feelings and why I'm like this. I'm glad I found this poem it really helped.

  • Andrea by Andrea
  • 13 years ago

this poem made me cry. now I realize what my mum must be feeling as I do exactly that, and hide behind the teenage smoke screen.
I want you to know, this poem was an inspiration

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