Mother Daughter Poem

Relationship Between An Addict And Her Daughter

I was a mom who was addicted to meth and put my daughter through more than any child should have to endure until I got caught 7 years ago. I have been clean ever since, but through it daughter, Alex, ALWAYS showed me true, unconditional love! That love has taken me through the worst and best times of my life!

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My Daughter's Love


Published: April 2017

Through all my good and bad,
You love me still the same.   
You saw me at my worst,
Addicted, full of shame.

I remember you sleeping next to me,
Hugging me so tight
While I silently wept tears
That your sweet hands would wipe.

I never had to worry
If we would be okay,
Because I knew through your sweet prayers
God would pave a way.

We would laugh and talk for hours
About life and boys and friends.
While silent in my thoughts,
I wondered how my fate would end.

Then the day would come
That I would face my darkest sin
And deal with all those demons of addiction
That I had deep within.

But it was you my, precious daughter,
Who loved me all the same;
Through the good times and the bad,
In your heart is where I remain.

Thank you for your affection
And unconditional love.
God sent me an angel,
My daughter, from heaven above.

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