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My name is Carla and I lost my Dad, Eugene, to cancer on the 24th of June 2010. He had cancer for 21 years, with it going into remission up until 4 years ago. He lived a long, blessed life. I miss him so much. He was such a kind and loving man that any child would be bless to call him father.

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My loving Dad, After you left me I lost my strength, I lost your warmth. Dad How can I believe this? I thought you are indestructible. Dad I'm searching for you every where. Please be...

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My Father, Today You Left Me


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011 with permission of the Author.

Today has been a month
But it only seems like yesterday
That you left me.

I made the promise not to leave you
And to stay at your side.

I was just so tired
I needed to close my eyes,
I went to take a nap because the days that passed
I only slept a bit so I could stay at your side.

When the call came to get back up there,
I came as fast as I could,
Only to find you had left me.
To this day I regret that I left your side
Because I promised you I wouldn't leave your side.

I didn't get to say good-bye
But I did tell you I loved you before I left.
Dad, I miss you and need you,
I know I have to let you go
So you could rest in peace.

You're in a better place
Sitting next to the Lord
Where you once said
You were ready to take your place
Next to the Lord in his heavenly grace.

You said miss me,
But let me go, for I have fulfilled my journey here on earth.
Now the Lord is taking you home to start a new journey.

I think of you daily
It's so hard not to cry,
I know I will be okay
Because I feel you near by.

Rest in peace, Dad, for I will see you soon.
God has blessed me with a father like you.
All that you taught me will live on in my children, and I thank the Lord for having you as my father.

I love you Dad.
It was an honor to have you as my father.


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  • Sandamalee by Sandamalee
  • 12 years ago

My loving Dad,

After you left me I lost my strength, I lost your warmth. Dad How can I believe this? I thought you are indestructible.
Dad I'm searching for you every where. Please be visible to see you for a little while. I know you are invisibly with me always.
Please Dad..... I'm not living..I'm still waiting for you.

  • Debbie by Debbie, South Glamorgan Wales
  • 12 years ago

I was my dads only child and little girl and always will be, he was my best friend, I lost him only 5 weeks ago he was poorly and I also promised him I would do everything to get him home to his new adapted house, he did come home for 3 hrs , I went to the hospital every moment I could and the night I went home because I needed some sleep I got the call the next morning to say he was going, I kept saying wait for me dad but God had called you because he knew you were tired, I miss you every day dad, I cry most days, but you would say I lived my life now live yours and I will be waiting for when you come to me xxx I'm sorry for your loss xx

  • Cateel by Cateel, Davao Oriental
  • 12 years ago

I lost my Father.... and it really hurt my family so bad. We cant bear the pain especially my mom.

I just hope he can read this because I really miss him! Pa kung asa man ka karon please pagaksa mi bisan sa usa ka higayon.... We Love You.

  • Jordan Thompson by Jordan Thompson, Oklahoma
  • 12 years ago

Be glad you was told your dad was going to die. I am 14 and my parents split in October of 2010. I stayed one week with mom one with dad for a year. My dad had a broken femur from 3 years ago and the weather made him hurt because of the metal he had in his leg. He began drinking a lot to help with the pain. On October 11, 2011 my dad shot himself in the head at age 47.

  • Kali Marquez by Kali Marquez, Ceres Cali.
  • 12 years ago

My dad died when I was three and I miss him so much even though I barely knew, him I still love him with all my heart.

  • Gordon Jackson by Gordon Jackson
  • 12 years ago

Sounds just like what happened to me. Got a phone call, my Dad was real bad. Headed to his house, 4 hours away, but he was gone by the time I got there. That was pretty hard for me to get over.
Sadder yet is the fact that in June of 2010 I was told I have stage 4 cancer. I am still hanging in there. Read my poem, "How A Day Changes".
It may give others some hope.

  • Cindy by Cindy
  • 12 years ago

I love the poems I read. I haven't lost my dad but I have lost a husband and a son...I feel for you I'm so sorry for your loss. What helps me a little I look at them being in a better place...take care. It's hard to go through life without them I sit and wonder what I would be doing with them and how different life would be if they were around. My son was 25 days old when he was killed in a car accident. What makes things worse is my sister was under the influence of drugs. My husband was shot and stabbed to death in Vegas when I lost him...I have forgiven my sister but I will never forget

  • Cassie by Cassie, Indiana
  • 12 years ago

I am Daddy's little girl! He would tell you, he loved me more out of all his 4 children. He was my best friend, my rock, my everything!! We would talk 4 to 5 times a day. He was a Vietnam vet who had developed lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. He was given 6 months to live. I was crushed! I spent every second I could with him. I left for vacation and got 3 states away when I left my vehicle at the airport and flew home when I got the news he took a turn for the worse. He kept holding on and I spent 2 weeks at his hospital bed side. I only left to shower. I went home and took a shower, but was so exhausted I had to take a nap. I woke up to a phone call. This poem hit home!!!! I am still crying. Its been 4 days short of a month and it seems like yesterday. I cry everyday! Life without him is so hard but I know he would tell me to stop crying and live my life. I really hope this poem touches someone as much as it did to me.

  • Traci Washington by Traci Washington
  • 12 years ago

Just reading this poem makes me realize that when we love someone and it is time for them to go that we hold ourselves responsible if we are not their to see them when they pass. This hits so close to home. I know the feeling and can relate to this poem. Having been exhausted when my father passed and just left the room to take a nap in the family area only to be woke to sobbing when he passed. I wasn't there for him and to this day it breaks my heart.

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