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Poem About Seeing Mother In The Sky

I needed something to help me cope with the loss of my mother, so I came up with this poem. She was my best friend and my right arm. She was always there for me and my two brothers. Her general health was poor, but she rarely complained. In 2006 she was diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer's known as Posterior Cortical Atrophy, and I had to watch her deteriorate from a vibrant person to being bed-bound with the loss of most bodily functions and in a world of her own.

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I was looking for something that I could relate to and post on Mother's Day this year. I lost my mother a few days before Mother's Day last year. Such a beautiful poem that really made me...

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My Mother


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2015 with permission of the Author.

Look up to the sky.
Now tell me what you see.
A cloud, the moon, possibly the sun.
Many answers there will be.

When I look up to the sky,
I'll tell you what I see.
I see my mother,
And she's looking back at me.

She tells me she didn't want to leave us,
But it was time for her to depart.
It was the hardest thing she had to do,
And it's breaking her heart.

She tells me we mustn't be sad
Because finally she's pain free.
She's found her place in heaven
Underneath a blossom tree.

She'll always be there to guide us
When we feel we've lost the way.
She'll always be there to comfort us
And wipe those tears away.

She'll always be there to share our joy
And laugh at the jokes we make.
In order to feel her presence,
Only a little imagination it'll take.

She may be in the form of a butterfly
Or simply a floating feather
Or hovering over like a busy bee
Or simply part of the weather.

You've all come here to say your farewell,
But for me it's not goodbye.
If I want to see her, all I have to do
Is look up to the sky.

Sweet dreams, Mam


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  • Catherine Baker by Catherine Baker
  • 4 years ago

I was looking for something that I could relate to and post on Mother's Day this year. I lost my mother a few days before Mother's Day last year. Such a beautiful poem that really made me tear up. Beautiful!

  • Coral by Coral
  • 6 years ago

I lost my mum 3 years ago (that's more than I thought). I was just 11. When I see magpies (the bird), I always think of her turning around, smiling, saluting, and saying, "Good morning, mister magpie." Now I have started doing it too. I miss her so much.

  • Diane Kosten by Diane Kosten
  • 8 years ago

This is a lovely poem, my mum passed away on the 18/2/16, I'm feeling very emotional.

  • Mary by Mary
  • 7 years ago

Thank you for the heartfelt poem about your Mum. When I see red butterflies I think of my Mum and Mother-in-Law. White butterflies make me think of my Dad. They both come around me every day. Once again, thank you.

  • Lisa Ellard by Lisa Ellard
  • 8 years ago

My Mother has passed away with Alzheimers and it has been a very painful process. Her funeral is in a few days and I was looking to write a speech but couldn't come up with the words as there were too many memories and emotions.
This poem had some uncanny similarities as my mother and I had such a love for butterflies .She also used to swear that her devoted Mischa was sending her feathers as a message for comfort.
My son 's birthday is also on the 22 October and he is doing his flying pilot licence and so I love to always look up to the sky and now I will always look up with a new meaning.
Thank you for giving me the words I couldn't find.

  • Cindy Gemme by Cindy Gemme, Webster, MA
  • 8 years ago

Let me start by saying how sorry I am for your loss. Your words are echoing in my mind. What a beautiful, heartfelt poem. With all the love you poured into this poem, your Mom must have been a wonderful person. My Mom was called home on December 21, 2015. I quite agree with the comment from Kat that our loved ones are not "lost", for we are the lost one without them. Thank you for sharing this. It has given some inner peace to me. I will share this with my sister and hope that she finds solace. God Bless you.

  • Sharon Winfield by Sharon Winfield, Perth
  • 8 years ago

I just want to say thank you to the lady who wrote this poem. It touched me very much. My mother had just passed away of Dementia and I was looking for inspiration to write in the paper about her and came across your poem. I read that you wrote it on the 22nd October and that was my birthday and it just sounded like my Mum. I read it at my Mother's funeral as I know she would of liked it. So thank you and my condolences to you as the loss of my mother and best friend is devastating.

It has also given me my mother back as now I know I can talk with her every day, when I look up.

  • Kat by Kat, Chicago
  • 8 years ago

Recently, I suffered some major losses in my own life. I can so relate with this poem, because I don't really feel that these people are "lost" at all. Their energy is everywhere in my life and in the lives of my husband and children and the rest of our families and even radiates from their photographs. I truly believe we will be back together one day and it's just waiting, living and basking in the memories, meanwhile.

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