Break Up Poem

This poem is about me and my ex we were together for 6 months and over the summer he told me one thing and did another when I went back to school. I found out he cheated on me and he had thought he had gotten some other girl pregnant then he told me he had mixed feelings for me and an other girl and he told his friends we were through but he didn't have the guts to tell me so I'm moving on slowly but surely

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Never Again


Published: December 2011

you promised me forever,
so I thought,
you said "I'd never leave you for anyone in the world,"
so I thought,
you promised me a lot,
but those promises were empty,
none of what you said was true,
it was all a lie,
I made a huge mistake,
but I don't regret meeting you,
you've taught me quite a bit,
to look for someone way better than you,
I've never been through so much pain physically, mentally, and emotionally,
you've made me a stronger person,
and I thank you,
so now what I thought we had is completely gone,
I was just another girl to you,
and now I'll move on,
never again to cry for a boy that called himself a man,
I gave you my love and forgave every horrible thing you did to me,
you got my love,
and forgot what you had,
I know for sure,
I'll be seen better through someone else's eyes,
but not through yours,
NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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