Break Up Poem

Wondering What Went Wrong

I wrote this the night my ex-girlfriend and I broke up. I was in love with her, did everything I possibly could have done for her, and it still ended with me finding out she cheated on me with two different people, one being her ex and the other being a good friend of mine. I found all this out the night she broke up with me. But I realize it's life.

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Published: April 2017

As I lie here in silence,
It all sets in.
My pain, my suffering,
My sorrow.
You hurt me bad,
You broke my heart.
You did the one thing
You promised you wouldn't.
Did we get too close?
Or did you drift too far?
To deal with these feelings
Takes more strength than I have.
Is it a mental state?
Or physical state?
Whichever it is,
I'm still left here,
Lying in silence.

Thoughts going through my head,
Wondering what I did or didn't do.
I wrote this poem
As a way to express myself.
Where do I go?
What do I do?
Do I take this as a lesson?
Or do I take this as a speed bump in our path?
Something put out the spark.
I wish I could light it back up,
But all I can do is lie here
In silence with the reminder of the one I love...


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