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God's Love Gives Us Certanty

This poem was written in 2015, before I was a member of this page. It struck me then, and now the relevant sentiment of this poem looms large.

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A powerful message that reads like a modern hymn.

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Our World

Raelene J. Elliss © more by Raelene J. Elliss

Published by Family Friend Poems October 13, 2022 with permission of the Author.

We live in a funny world
Filled with trouble and strife
Challenging everything
In our Christian life

We know what's black and white
And there's right and wrong
It's such a turbulent world
That God seems all but gone

Caught in a whirlwind
Of uncertainty
Our God has given us
A sense of stability

The truth is written
In the words He left behind
Written centuries ago
To give sight to the blind

Fumbling around in darkness
Of humanity's sin
Bombarded by the enemy
The truth lies within

Our Saviour of our sins
Came and walked the earth
For God so loved the world
Jesus gave us His holy worth

Shout out your Saviour's name
He is the truth and the light
Our sins are forgiven
In His blood to make things right

His promise is our legacy
Unshaken is Heaven's gate
Never be defeated
It's an unshakable debate

Raise your voice and praise Him
For all your life is worth
God gave us His only son
In a baby's birth 

Embrace Him with all your heart
Our broken world needs restoration
Don't be silenced, share His love
Evangelize in your nation



Many years ago, Raelene J. Elliss’ brother passed away in a drowning accident at a popular surf beach in South Australia. Her heart was broken, and the strain of the grief was unbearable. She had no idea how to express her feelings about that tragic loss.
One very warm evening, as she lay awake, unable to sleep due to the worry in her life,...

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  • Benjamin E. Hoyle by Benjamin E. Hoyle
  • 11 months ago

A powerful message that reads like a modern hymn.

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