Mother Death Poem

Feeling Lost Without Mom

My mother had been in a lot of physical pain for a very long time. She had congestive heart failure, stage 3 kidney disease, and sleep apnea along with chronic insomnia. She also had many other physical ailments, which caused her to be in constant pain. We all saw the end coming; we just were not expecting it so soon. It just happened so suddenly without warning. Writing is my way of coping and trying to deal with my feelings, and this is my poem for her.

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Very well said! I appreciate your transparency, which brings back my feelings when my own mother passed away.

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The Mother Lost

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Published by Family Friend Poems December 11, 2022 with permission of the Author.

My tears are flowing freely.
There are many more to come.
Wave after wave my tears make a flood.

You have left and gone away,
To somewhere I cannot follow.
So here I must stay.

I want to be so mad at you for leaving me alone,
You went to a place to where I cannot even call
To hear you voice over the phone.

I am so afraid I will forget your face,
Or what it feels like
To be in your loving embrace.

You have only been gone for a little while,
Yet I miss you
And wish I could again see your smile.

I do take comfort in knowing one thing,
I know you're no longer
In anymore pain.

But I am still sad, and I don't know how to be,
Now that I don't have
My mother with me.

Why did you have to go?
Why did you have to leave?
Don't you know I need you so?

Now I will do my best to remember you every day,
To remember you
in every way.

As for now I sit here thinking of you and knowing the pain will slowly fade,
Remembering the moments we shared
And the memories we made.

I know the hurt and pain I feel together,
It will all slowly go away
Because not even hard time last forever.

I will see you again one day,
It just won't be today.



Stephanie J. Magee was born and raised in Soldotna, Alaska. She has been married for 39 years and has three children and four grandchildren. She started writing poetry in grade school, but it really came into play in her life while she was in junior high school.

Stephanie is very short and was always the one who got bullied. Counseling...

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  • Benjamin E. Hoyle by Benjamin E. Hoyle
  • 1 year ago

Very well said! I appreciate your transparency, which brings back my feelings when my own mother passed away.

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