Poem about Teens

A Poem About Acceptance

I have dealt with a lot of self-loathing over the past few years. This is my way to vent some frustration. I hope you enjoy.

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Published: August 2016

I watch as she falls again under the burden
They placed on her.
I watch as she fights, as she fails,
As she begins to lose herself.
I watch her fade.
I watch her as she changes
And becomes who they want her to be.
I watch her hate herself.
I watch her as she tries to become
What they call "better."
I wish I could tell her...
To me she's perfect.
Every curve,
Every edge.
Why can't she remember
Her heart is more important than her hair?
Why does no one tell her she is beautiful, gorgeous, perfect?
All I can do is watch, wait for her
To realize what I've known all along.
Indescribable beauty.
Flawed as she may be,
Those flaws are what make her perfect.
I can't watch as they crush her
Until she fits in the mold they have made for her.
I watch as she begins to change herself
To be the "perfect girl."
Doesn't she realize
Those curves are what make her beautiful?
I hope...
I pray...
I wait for her to see what I have seen all along:



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