Death Poem by Teens

Dad with Bipolar Depression

I lost my dad when I was two years old to suicide. He had bipolar depression and he killed himself November 2, 1999 four days after my brother's fourth birthday and the day he was given the divorce papers.

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Running Nowhere

© more by Tiffany Lane

Published: July 2011

I will never understand why
Why did you have to leave me to cry
To ponder and think and wonder
My mind falls in a blunder

I was too young then to understand
The attention for you that was a demand
Every day I ask myself
What if I was old enough to help

I could have saved you from yourself
You could have kept your lasting health
But instead you had to rip it away
Not to live another day

You were so sad and alone
Nowhere you went would feel like home
Running full speed up the stairs to heaven
If only someone was there to stop you at step seven

Eleven years now have past
But the pain I feel will forever last
Yours did stop with that last breath
Though every day I have to live with your death.


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