Mother Poem

Poem About Mom Reminiscing On Daughter's Childhood

A mother writes to her daughter who has just given birth, sharing with her the joy that she has brought her and wishing that her child will bring the same blessing into her life.

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My Precious Gift


Published by Family Friend Poems September 2006 with permission of the Author.

I remember the day you entered my world
The doctor said it's a baby girl
I counted all your fingers and your toes
That's just what you do, every mother knows.
I took you home as proud as could be
This precious gift God had given to me.
I changed dirty diapers and never got sleep
It was all worth it, you were mine to keep.
From baby to girl, where did time go?
How could I fix the clocks to make them go slow?
You'd always have boo boo's I'd fix with a kiss
Those silly little things I knew I would miss.
One day I woke up, a teenager was there
with beautiful brown eyes and soft skin so fair.
We had our arguements, fusses, and fights.
We'd make it all better before we turned out the lights.
Then one day she said she had a surprise
With a look of worry I saw in her eyes.
My teenager was gone, this I could see
Because my daughter was now a mother to be.
My baby, my girl, my teen is now grown
A woman she's become with a girl of her own.
You're the joy in my life I'll never again find
I hope she fills your heart with love like you do mine.


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