Mother Child Poem

Poem About Admiration of a Mother

From daughter to mother, this is a poem of admiration and thankfulness for a job well done.

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Reflections Of You Mother


Published: February 2006

To my dearest mother,
Whose soul never grows old.
Your smile outshines the sun,
Your heart is made of pure gold.

Deep down in my heart,
You hold a spot that brightens my days.
Eyes that are shining as stars,
Rosy fair cheeks to see always.

God gave me a wonderful mother,
The greatest treasure known.
Mother you made my life worthwhile,
Nothing can compare to the love that you have shown.

I pray to God to keep you here for as long as he will,
I would not know what to do without you.
Mother you overlook my faults,
And you understand the things I say and do.

Mother you inspire me,
With your special love.
You shelter and guide me,
With a warm and infinite patience from above.

You are my Mother so dear,
And one I can call my own!
You have gentleness in you,
You always pass along reassurance even though I am grown.

You know how to soothe my soul,
When I am in doubt and fear.
Your tenderness watches over me,
Throughout the years.

Running your fingers through my hair and making me laugh,
Making this world a delightful place to live.
Mother your wisdom is incredible,
Thank you for each wonderful insight you give.

Your heart is full of forgiveness,
For the mistakes made by me.
You never judge or hold a grudge,
You shared Jesus' love and how he died to set me free.

You are always generous in helping family and friends,
Always having a word of compassion.
You forget about your needs and placed mine above yours,
I want to be a mother just like you! A Mother of passion.


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