Mother Death Poem

Dealing With Regrets After Mom Died

My story is about the death of my mother. It happened when I was 10. She got cancer and passed away after 12 years of fighting against it.

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Published by Family Friend Poems March 2017 with permission of the Author.

I know
This day will soon happen.
I know
God will take you away.
Twelve years
Of living
Are too lucky
For any cancer victim.
But for you,
It's never been too lucky.

Early rainy morning
Tiny water droplets
Fighting against my windows.
Clouds were cotton candy
Covering the blue sky
You laid there...
As still as a tree.
Your skin was as pale
As snow,
And your body was as cold
As ice.
Winds were howling,
Through the front door.

I smiled to my heart
And reminded it
To be strong.
But I was wrong.
My mind was flooded
With all my faults.

I regret when I shouted at you.
I regret when I was mad at you for pathetic reasons.
I regret when I refused to listen to your advice.
Why didn't I treat you better?
And I realized,
How dumb I was to upset you,
When all you ever wanted to do
Was help me achieve the best things.

                Late for me to


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