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When I was 14 I had my first kiss... not too long after I met a guy, he was 2 years older than me, he was my boyfriend, I thought I could trust him... then he took me behind a alley way and stole my innocence... I'm 17 now and it still haunts me, I went back to where this happened and it was one of the hardest things I had to do. Don't keep quiet about what happened, talking about it may be hard at first but once you let it out it will help, search for help if you are a rape victim.

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My boyfriend constantly raped me for 4 years, and I never thought it was wrong. I figured that this is what I have to do if I wanted to date him, but now I know that that's not true. What he...

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Shadow Of A Silhouette


Published: August 2011

To most this is just a bad dream, a nightmare
But to some, it's more, it's reality
Few can talk about it, few take the dare
The rest stay in the shadows
Where they hide in their own despair
Coward does not begin your description
But you don't seem to care
It was me, I was your victim
One thing stands clear
Your actions were inhumane
Left me with reasons to fear
You left my eyes to rain
'Till they suffered a drought
Dryer than a desert itself
You're heartless without a doubt
You're a thief
Don't you forget it
You stole what was mine
Left me cold and empty
Writing blank lines
I walk a one way road
Was my destiny decided?
Was yours meant to be this?
Were these lines meant to be recited
By me who walks haunted
Tormented by the same cloud
That follows where ever I go
Seems I cant escape it
Seems I'm running too slow
You didn't just rape a body
You raped my mind, body and soul
You ripped away at the seams
Clearer than a white carpet stained with coal
Can somebody make you feel what I did?
I doubt it because you're heartless
You took away my childhood
But it doesn't matter you could careless
Nevertheless do you care what I have to say
Or the hurt that my heart endures
Each and everyday
For that morning has gone and went
But it still seems to stay
You left me scared
With dry eyes suffering a drought
You left me staring...
At a shadow... of a silhouette.

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  • BadBhaddie by BadBhaddie
  • 5 months ago

My boyfriend constantly raped me for 4 years, and I never thought it was wrong. I figured that this is what I have to do if I wanted to date him, but now I know that that's not true. What he did was wrong and this poem really helped me.

  • Amy by Amy
  • 5 years ago

When I was four my cousin molested me. That started my life of hell. It happened ten other times. Me being abused, beat, tortured, and raped. The last time it happened was two weeks ago.

It's years later from the first time it happened, it eats at me, and kills me, I suffer from PTSD, depression, and rape trauma syndrome. I have nightmares about every time it happened. Almost nightly. It tears me apart from limb to limb, I can't trust people and I hurt so bad , the pain is unbearable. I was four when I lost my pride, dignity, and innocence. Now at 15 I'm a hallowed out shell.

  • Nandi F. Roberts by Nandi F. Roberts
  • 4 years ago

When I was about 4 a family friend molested me. Then at the age of 11 I was raped by by sister's boyfriend's son who was 4 years older then me. I never told because I was already being physically and mentally abused by my sister/ guardian.

  • Kassie by Kassie, SC
  • 7 years ago

You're not weak for enduring rape. You're a group of the strongest people to still be able to laugh and stand tall. Don't give up because of your memories but forgive and don't let anyone else push you down.

  • Lyric by Lyric
  • 7 years ago

I hated my life when I was I was 16 I am 17 now I was raped 5 times by the same person a person who I thought loved me but he was a monster. The last time he did it to me was on my 17th birthday about 3 months ago my ex will pay for this. He is younger then me but bigger then me. I feel your pain just know you will be strong and you have people who would talk to you any day if you need help.

  • Fozmin by Fozmin, Munich Germany
  • 8 years ago

the first time it happened I was 3 and a half, the second time I was 12, the third time I was 18 and then I was 27, I still am 27.

the pain is tearing my body, my mind and my soul into pieces, tried to kill myself 3 times and on all occasions the doctors saved me, why I don't know, death must be more peaceful then this life.

I'm planning to run away to a country where no one knows me and I hope that when I start my new life I am able to play a different role in the world and forget who I am

  • Amanda by Amanda, Al.
  • 8 years ago

I was raped at 3 then again at 13 and until I was 15. It sucked real bad and I haven't really gotten through all the pain. I have none to talk to. I was admitted to a hospital and the counselor there ended up telling the staff who in turn told the kids. I was crushed. I still don't talk about it. But one thing I learned is that if I want to live my life without the constant feel of pain I needed to forgive the one's who hurt me and work through it apparently alone. I still have nightmares but I know that at least I can wake up every morning and be blessed to have made it through it. A lot of people think that when someone has been raped they are victims... well you're not you are a survivor. Never think of yourself as anything less.

  • Amy by Amy
  • 5 years ago

Dear Amanda,
I'm sorry to hear your story, I'm 15 and I was raped 10 times. Growing up, it eats at me daily, its an uncontrollable force ripping out my soul.

  • Amber C by Amber C, Oklahoma
  • 8 years ago

Well I was about 8 1/2 when my step dad and his best friend raped me. I was home sick from school and my mom was at work and his best friend had come over. I was in my room and they had both come in and said we are going to play this game and you have to play. I said I don't feel good I don't want to play and they said that I had to. Well they both sat beside me on my bed and my step dad grabbed my arm and said touch my penis I said no and then he forced me to, well the other guy started grabbing my breast then I let out a scream and my step dad slapped me and then they forced me down on the bed holding me down I fought against them. Well they took off my shirt then my pants then took turns raping me for a couple of hours. A couple of years went by, didn't tell anyone. Well my sister had come forward and said that he was doing stuff to them and come to find out that he had also done the same thing to both of my sisters who are older than me but they said something about it and now he is in prison.

  • Liliahna by Liliahna
  • 8 years ago

I was 9 when I was raped by my dad. It was the worst day of my life and I didn't even really know what to do. He threatened me that he'd kill me and my family if I told. and my mum and him where together for another 3 years. I became majorly depressed and attempted suicide. And I still cut. I'm 13 and it haunts me daily. I have a councilor and I now have major trust issues. All my 'friends' call me a slut and my last boyfriend tried to rape me again. Yes, my life is s*it.

  • Savannah by Savannah
  • 8 years ago

I know what rape is like. I was 12 when I had my virginity stolen from me. It's the core cause of my depression. It's why I cut. I never talked about it. It drove me to be so depressed I ended up in the mental hospital. I finally told someone two years later. No one truely understands the pain of rape and the hurt it causes until it happens to them. They can say they understand but it's all bull shi*. That's all I have to say..

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