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Child Raped By Friend

I was playing with my best friend. We always made up games to go in the woods. I had always found it peaceful there, and my mother never minded it. She had a fence around that boundary line, and on one particular day, my friend said we should run past it, deep into the woods, where we had never been before. I didn't know better, only being ten, followed him deep in there. It had just rained, so it was muddy. When we were far enough, to where my parents couldn't hear me, he had his way with me.

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This poem described exactly how I feel. The same exact thing happened to me. I was playing manhunt in the woods, paired with my best friend of eight years, and he sexually assaulted me. I was...

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The Help That Never Came


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2014 with permission of the author.

The game that started out fun
Turned drastically to fear.
The woods,
Best place to hide in the game,
But other intentions were in the air.
The dirty mud clawed under my nails,
The pain increased by seconds.
Pain thriving up my body,
Screams so loud,
I thought anyone would hear.
Anyone would,
should have heard my sorrow-filled cries,
But no one came.
He lingered,
Tearing off clothes,
faster than the light shining down.
Tears poured out of my eyes,
Pleading for him to stop,
But the pain only grew,
Till his pursuit was finished with me.
The pain entering
Was like ripping knives,
Like getting cut by a blade; when it heals,
It still leaves a scar.
The pain torched on me was inhumane,
Made by a soulless creature,
But there I still lay. Wilting. Crying.
Still begging for the help
That never came.

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  • 4 years ago

When I was five years old my dad asked if I wanted to play a game. I didn't realize what he was doing. Two years later my brother did the same thing. I didn't know I was getting raped until I was in middle school.

  • Kay Jordan by Kay Jordan
  • 5 years ago

This poem described exactly how I feel. The same exact thing happened to me. I was playing manhunt in the woods, paired with my best friend of eight years, and he sexually assaulted me. I was looking for poems to read for a Speech and Debate competition when I stumbled across this one. I hope everyone who has experienced the obscenity of sexual assault can learn how to allow themselves to heal and that those who haven't experienced it are made aware of the dangerous situations that can occur at any moment, enough so that they can prevent such occurrences from happening to themselves.

  • Pincessa by Pincessa
  • 7 years ago

I know what it's like, my parents friend did it to me. We were playing dress up then he took it too far. I was only 11. I never told anyone. Now I'm 15 and I write about him what he did in poetry. I felt moved reading this poem. It was similar the way it felt. I was scared but I couldn't say anything. I feel like my parents have abandoned me like the don't care. I know they do but I feel as if they don't. The person who did it to me didn't stop for 2 years then he left. I didn't hear from him, and then 2 months ago I was wondering where he was A mate had told me he was dying but he wasn't. To be honest I don't want him to die as death is too good for him I think he should suffer. Feel the pain I do. I know I'm just being mean hoping him to suffer but I have suffered not physically as such the emotional pain is 10 times worse as the betrayal is something I will never forget.

  • MKH15 by MKH15, Columbus,Ohio
  • 6 years ago

I have felt like rapist getting sent to jail for a few months or years was too lenient. When I read stories like this my stomach turns. Why do people do this? He should suffer for what he did. Thanks for sharing your story

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