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Poems About Letting Go Of The Boy You Love

Still in love,
but don't know how it could be.
I loved him and he hates me.
We never talk,
his feelings are no longer there,
so why do I love him?
Why do I care?
Still in love, but don't know why?
I mean we don't talk anymore
and I like another guy,
so what's going on?
I guess I have to just move on.

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Single But Taken

© more by Chantel Johnson

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2013 with permission of the author.

Technically I'm single,
Emotionally I'm completely taken,
'Cause in my mind,
I'll always be his girl,
Even though my heart is breakin',
Even if he doesn't want me anymore,
I can't seem to let him go,
I love him more,
Than he will ever know,
He stole my heart,
I stole his last name,
We broke up,
And nothing's been the same,
I cried for him,
I called his name,
He ignored me,
And drove me insane,
Now we moved on,
We both went our separate ways,
We didn't talk to each other for days,
Days go by and weeks rush on,
Before we know it, a year is gone,
We don't talk anymore,
His feeling aren't there,
He doesn't want
Anything to do with me,
He doesn't even care,
He says he hates me,
I don't understand why?
All those times,
That he made me cry,
I don't care I'm sick of crying,
Why should I care?
He never did
Love's so not fair,
I'll always love him,
I'll always be there,
It hurts to know,
He doesn't even care,
But I moved on,
As well as he,
I guess me and him,
Were never meant to be.


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