Anniversary Poem

30th Anniversary Tribute To Parents

This poem was composed to mark the 30th anniversary of my beloved parents.

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A Tribute To Parents


Published: December 2008

There was a time when you held my hand,
You gave me strength to stand.

When I would cry and be up all night,
You would cuddle me and spend sleepless nights,

And the next when I slept all day,
You tried hard to buy me toys.

So I thank you Mama, and I thank you Papa,
For giving me this beautiful life.

I have been wrong and I have been lost,
But you have stood by me and shown me the path.

I have asked you for things, those which I need not,
You gave them all to me just to see me smile.

Oceans so deep, mountains so high, cannot express my feelings for you.
You have been my mentor; you have made me what I am.

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