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I got kicked out of my house and then my ex- boyfriend's mom and dad took me in. I just wanna say thinks for everything to them and to let them know that I love them and that I count them like my real family.. I love you mom and dad and Kathleen and I never wanna lose you as a family. You are all I got and you mean all my heart.. that is what that poems means to me.....

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Thank You For Taking Care Of Me


Published: June 2008

Thank you
For everything you have ever done
To make my life better
I might deny it sometimes
But a great part of who I am
Is thanks to the two of you
Sometimes I thought to myself
That you where being too strict
Sometimes unfair
But now I see
That it was all for the better
And I am thankful for it all
You taught me respect
On a level most kids my age
Never even heard of
You taught me the value of life
In a easy way to understand
I know that I
Can sometimes be a little hard headed
Or even a real teaser
But still I have managed
To follow your teachings
And become
As good a person as I can be

Thank you
For everything



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