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Two weeks ago I broke up with a boyfriend of two years. He was my world and he then turned around and said that I was a rebound for a girl he left behind when he moved out here from Iowa. He made me feel like all the love and time I had put into those two years I spent with him meant nothing. He has spread multiple rumors and made it so I can barely drag myself to school. I used to have a major problem with cutting until I found writing as my new outlet. I hope everyone enjoys it very much.

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I know how you feel. Last week I found out that my boyfriend I'd been dating for 3 year was cheating on me. He was sleeping with my best friend. He broke my heart, and I still sit and think...

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The Girl You Ruined


Published: December 2012

You made me feel like I was flying,
Like no matter who said what you would be there to pull me back into the clouds,
Like I was something special,
You were the first person to ever make me feel this way,
Then when I realized it was all just an illusion,
The fun ended and I hit the concrete with a cold, hard, awakening,
You left me stranded to die alone,
You left me there to cry myself to sleep at night,
It hurt so much to hear you say I was just a toy,
Something you could play with,
Someone who you wanted to wallow in your misery with you,
You ruined me,
I am no longer the girl with the bright eyes or beautiful smile,
I am now the girl drowning in her tears,
Who can barely breathe at the simple thought of what we had,
The girl who deep down, is slowly dying,
The worst thing is that you can never know,
You will forever more think of me as the girl you threw to the side and didn't hurt,
I am so much more that you can never see,
I will forever be, the girl you ruined...



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  • Amanda by Amanda
  • 6 months ago

I am currently going through a breakup. I am best at expressing myself through poetry.

  • Lexi Davis by Lexi Davis
  • 2 years ago

I know how you feel. Last week I found out that my boyfriend I'd been dating for 3 year was cheating on me. He was sleeping with my best friend. He broke my heart, and I still sit and think what did I do wrong? Was I not enough for him?

  • Hannamariam Anteneh by Hannamariam Anteneh
  • 3 years ago

This one's for those heartbroken souls. I get you. This world's not easy to cope but we all try to get through it as we can.

  • Nisha by Nisha
  • 5 years ago

This is an amazing one. I liked this guy. He LOVED me. And then he suddenly broke up.

  • Joyce by Joyce, Austin
  • 5 years ago

He was my life for five years. I gave him my heart and my soul. Where do I go? What do I do now? How could something I thought was so beautiful turn out to be the darkest part of my life? It isn't a game, we are not robots, poke me I bleed. He promised my brother he would love me forever. Those were the last words my brother heard from him before my brother passed away. I cry everyday now, he left me a month ago without a goodbye.
This poem hurts my heart, I lived every word.

  • Sonia by Sonia
  • 5 years ago

I'm going through some similar pain. I was told by everyone he was a player and he was playing with me, but I liked him so much I believed in him when he said it wasn't true. I cared too much and he didn't. He told me he was going to ask me out. But they were right because he said that I wanted a relationship and he didn't. What hurts more is having to see him everyday at school and he acts like nothing happened. And nobody knows what kind of guy he is. I realized I was trying to hold on to a guy who obviously lied to me and didn't care about hurting me.

  • Cassie F by Cassie F
  • 6 years ago

Guys say things they don't mean when they are hurt. I know that one. I'm nineteen and this one guy I crushed so bad. He told me I was a slut and he hacked my fb account. He told me he wanted me dead. It took three months for me to have the courage to say I'm sorry and he told me that he didn't mean those things that he was just really hurt.

  • Gillian by Gillian, Maine
  • 6 years ago

This is exactly what happened to me. I was madly in love and I dated this guy for almost 2 years. I thought we were meant to be together. Soulmates. But I guess I was wrong. He dumped me yesterday and accused me of cheating, even though I really wasn't. I went to school today and he acted like he'd never even met me. He's already moved on to a new girl, and he looks perfectly happy while I'm dying. All I can do is cry. I can't eat, sleep, smile, talk, or do anything else. All I can do is emptily go through my classes and cry.

  • Michigan by Michigan, Crystal
  • 6 years ago

Where to start...
this made me sad I have a similar story only different on the part of being a rebound. I encourage you to keep going as my granny told me a parable, forgiving is living and it makes life bearable. Pick yourself up and it won't be easy but get the closure you need writing is good do more venting to someone you feel close to and just as I have you will get over this in time

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