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Ashanti, here again please check out my other poem entitled A Womans Worth. Ever been in love and it did nothing but hurt you? I am sure we all have at least once... Resentment may take you to a familiar place

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This is so similar to my story. I guess they really are all the same. He was in my class but we didn't talk much until we both ended up at this party together. Before that night I had never...

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Published: March 2009

You told me you loved me and that you cared.
You promised sweet kisses and to always be here.
You were once so good and kind, gentle and so very sweet.
When just thinking of you my knees grew weak.
When you're hands were in mine, chills ran up my spine.
Now my world is upside down
All the silence is now sound.
Fantasies are nightmares, dreams are like hell
You don't hold my hand and I wonder who is it I am sharing my man with.
Your lies are effecting me, stressing me, making a mess of me.
I can't even vibe with you, especially
knowing you had her in your arms.
The same ones that used to protect my worries and stop my fears.
The hands that wiped away my tears.
The lips that once gave sweet kisses and spoke soothing reassuring words
The once welcoming sincere smell of you shirt now makes me sick to my stomach.
Sick to the pit.
I know I must face the truth.
I hate this s**t. I want to hate you but all that will do is cause pain to me.
Only God knows how this is effecting you.
And silly me still in love.
Me. You. We. Her. You. Me. Pain. Sorrow. Resentment. You


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  • Alice by Alice
  • 6 years ago

This is so similar to my story. I guess they really are all the same. He was in my class but we didn't talk much until we both ended up at this party together. Before that night I had never looked at him properly, he wasn't popular or rich but in that second I looked at him and he was adorable. So I asked him out. For three and a half months he told me that he loved me and that he'd always liked me. He said stuff "we're perfect for each other" and "you look after me like no one else ever has" it was sweet talk, every second of it. And of course I was stupid enough to believe it all. Eventually though he got bored and dumped me out of the blue. We had been flirting and chatting all evening and then suddenly said "I'm feeling like this ain't gonna work". My entire world crashed down in a second. I burst into tears, violent, hysterical tears and I begged him. His mind was made up, gave me some crap about choosing him over my friends and that was that... the self harm started a month later.

  • Ashley by Ashley, MN
  • 7 years ago

I've dated my boyfriend for a month and he broke up with me. Even thought it's been a really short time, I've realized I've really fell in love with him. He told me it was a love at first sight for him. He said he saw me and the football game and he knew he was in love. He told me he would love me no matter what happens. He said he loves everything about me and that he loves my smile and that he loves me more than anything. He said he wouldn't lose feelings for me ever. No matter what I do. I believed him. Things started out good, everything was perfect. It was my first real relationship so I was really nervous. But I realized that everything just falls into a place when I'm with him. Like the way we kissed, I knew I loved him. But things started getting weird. He stopped trying, and I've done some stupid things to get his attention. But nothing helped. I knew that it wasn't working. I knew we were headed in the direction of breaking up. But I didn't want to give up on him. I told myself I will try my best to make everything work because I love him so much. So we went on our first date. He loves soccer so we went to the place he plays soccer all the time. We just sat there and we talked about our lives. Just bunch of things. It felt like things were finally getting better. After our date, he walked me back to my house and he said he wanted to break up with me. I still question everything. I don't get how he could give up so easily. I wonder if he really loved me. He told me he loved me the day before but how could he give up so fast. I still love him so much. I feel like falling into million pieces without him. My life is just so sad without him. But he doesn't know that. He found out that I was sad and he said that I was being too emotional. I feel like I can't find anyone else as perfect as him. I would do just about anything to have him back in my life. I would try so much harder if I ever get him back. I'll make sure to tell him I love him every chance I get.

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