Grief Poem

Believing Life Goes On After Death

I had an epiphany one starry night thinking of my mom and brother. They have both have passed. In my grief, I considered the miraculous existence of our universe and the wonders of time and space. This poem explores my belief that life is too complex to end at physical death.

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The Night Sky

Lisa E. Sheroan © more by Lisa E. Sheroan

Published by Family Friend Poems May 1, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Looking up at the moonlit sky
In the quiet of the night
I found a truth that stilled my soul
In a tiny speck of light

Something that I'd seen before
But never came to me in thought
It was above me the whole time
The answer that I sought

The stars I see formed long ago
A twinkling memory of their birth
Moments in time from lifetimes past
Finally made their way to Earth

The stars I see above me now
Were born before a time
Of love and laughter and of pain
Yet they still, to this day, shine

Between the space from there to here
That began so long ago
There in the infinite cosmos
Lingers on the human soul

There in the midst of the gap between
What my mind can hardly comprehend
Somehow I know my mother dwells
Still alive and still my friend

There in that space my brother lives
Traveling through the star-filled sky
Each sunset brings a chance for him
To find a way to catch my eye

If stars survive without love and pain
Sending light through the night sky
Surely there between the stars and me
Lives my mother, my brother, the sublime



Ms. Sheroan’s mother and brother are often her poetic muses, though she occasionally explores writing creatively about life, love and nature. Ms. Sheroan enjoys sketching and gardening in her free time. She’s a fan of period romance movies. She lives in Indianapolis and is “mom” to her German Shepherds and beautiful...

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