Aging Poem

Making The Most Out Of What Time Is Left

At 97, I can look back on many things, regret the things I never finished and determine what I still can do, which is walk, talk, eat and sleep, plus creating crossword puzzles..That I can still see to do and takes no physical effort. I feel it keeps that one brain cell alive, and, having formed a partnership with Jonah Phillips (The Crossword Hobbyist) know that my puzzles will be a pastime for many older people in years to come.

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The Time Of My Life

© more by Alora M. Knight

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2018 with permission of the Author.

I realize I've reached the time
When it's very plain to see
That I now must be selective
In what my preferences will be.
No longer can I toss a coin
To see which direction I should go.
As far as speed in getting there,
Only one would fit, and that is SLOW.
It's wise to have a goal each day,
There is no doubt about it.
A reason to rise each morning.
No one should be without it.
Still, if I decide to dilly-dally
Throughout the passing day,
A bit of procrastination
Is bound to come my way.
I can read with great delight
Great books that I've forgotten,
And if I chose, I now can read
The ones that were verboten.
I do not waste my energy
On things that can't be changed.
If I spent time on past mistakes,
I soon would be deranged.
Life has much to offer
To each and everyone.
I hope to conquer many things
Before my time is done.
When I've fulfilled my challenges,
And hopefully passed each test,
Then I will wave a fond good goodbye,
Content I've done my best.



Words have always been an important part of my life. My mother taught to read before I started school and coached me through winning spelling contests. I had to learn the meaning of the words, too. I've written books and articles for Salesian Inspirational Mission, Chicken Soup for the Sister's Soul, for newspapers and magazines, but receiving...

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