Depression Poem by Teens

A Girl Who Pretends To Be Happy

I wrote this poem for my best friend, Tiauna, when she tried to tell me nothing was wrong with her, but I saw the emptiness in her eyes. She was able to fool everyone around her: her family, teachers, people at church, and people at school. But she could never fool me. I wrote this to let her know that someone saw beneath the smile and that I was here for her even in her darkest days. Even when nobody else could tell she was hurting, I was going to be there for her.

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Published: April 2018

She couldn't help but realize
That she was slowly starting to change.
Maybe it was the look hidden in her eyes
Or her actions becoming so strange.

When she looked in the mirror,
It all started to tilt,
Her outlook on reality,
To the way she was starting to feel.

But if someone asked her, "Are you okay?"
She would smile and say, "I'm fine."
She knew deep down she was breaking inside,
But she just continued to lie.

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