Brother Death Poem

Saying Goodbye To My Brother

My brother battled cancer for two years. He took every treatment offered even though it ravaged his body and wreaked havoc with his sense of himself - but still, the cancer fought back. He died on the 11th of May 2019, surrounded by his family in a room filled with love. His death is the first we have experienced in our family. He is the first child, the first brother to pass away, and his loss has been profound for all of us. I wrote this a few weeks after he died.

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Time And Tide


Published by Family Friend Poems December 2019 with permission of the Author.

Time and tide wait for no man,
but I wish they would wait for me.
Then we'd sit in a boat, side by side,
and row on out to sea.

You were so tired, your body frail;
you couldn't heed our pleas.
For time and tide waits for no man,
and it didn't wait for thee.

So, you slipped the rope, pushed off the shore;
you had to go alone.
You placed the bow towards the horizon
and headed for places unknown.

One final look, one hand in the air,
you set your sail up high.
Just as the horizon tipped into the sky,
you turned and waved goodbye.

When my time comes, you'll be in the boat
when it comes ashore for me.
You'll take one oar and I the other,
and - together - we'll row on out to sea.


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