Grandchildren Poem

Poem Of The Love A Grandma Has

I love my precious Dimara. Words can't really describe. I want all children to know the love of a grandma for her grandchild.

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It touched the core of my heart. I have sent it to my granddaughter. God bless you.

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To My Granddaughter


Published: October 2011

Ah!! My granddaughter! My joy.
She lightens my load
She's like a new toy.
She smiles at me, ever so slightly
I grin right back at her but ever more brightly.
She's the light of my life. I love her dear.
Feels just like Heaven when I draw her near.
Bedtime! Yes, a sweet time of day.
Night, night, precious girl.
Let's you and I pray..



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  • 6 months ago

It touched the core of my heart. I have sent it to my granddaughter. God bless you.

  • by Michelle Ebel
  • 9 months ago

Being a mom takes everything you have to be a good mom. Surprise, every day you do it. Every day you're proud. Each day turns into years. You are much too dedicated to realize it. Now you are a grandma. A new role of grandma. You are still that dedicated mom. Now grandma ways you begin to learn. When your granddaughter can talk and call you Grammy, it's the most beautiful thing ever. Or when you granddaughter has stickers and she puts them all on you to show you how much she loves you. Or when your grandchildren finger paint and they have more paint on them than the picture. Grammy and mom all rolled into one. Those feelings or moments never change. Being a Grammy is a wonderful feeling. Your heart is with them always when your heart is extended in so many ways. Grammy and mom, a lifetime of love.

  • by Michelle Ebel
  • 1 year ago

When you find out first you will be Mom, you pray you will be a good one. You learn as each day passes on how to be a good Mom. All the dedication you put into your family. All the little things you know that mean the most.
Your heart and your soul are put into your children Then one day you realize all your very hard work has been rewarded. You are now a Grandma. Then you know what you always knew the dedication and responsibility you accomplished a great deal. With no experience but love, .heart and soul. Little by little you made a difference in a life you would not exchange for the world. Mom hood.. Grandma hood is your reward.

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