Grandchildren Poem

Poem On Sharing Summer Memories With Grandchildren

The grass at my son's house had just been mown, and my 3-year-old grandson had gone out to play. I snapped a picture of him playing and then began to reflect on my own summer days from an era gone past. As I reflected, the following words began to come to my mind.

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The Window Pane


Published by Family Friend Poems April 25, 2023 with permission of the Author.

I gaze through the window pane,
At the freshly mown lawn.
The deep green color
Takes me back to a day gone by.

Lying on my back,
Looking at the bright blue sky;
An occasional cloud floats past
Creating an imaginary shape.

Summer days,
Water hoses and sprinklers.
Lightning bugs,
Tag until dark.

Those were the days
Of my generation.
Those were the days
When I was young and carefree.

Now I am older,
I'm a mother and a grandmother.
My children are grown,
With children of their own.

The world is different,
For children today.
Things aren’t as simple
As they were for me.

I long to share
This past of mine,
To show my grandchildren
The pleasures of my past.

Green grass, blue sky,
Shapes in the clouds.
It’s all there waiting,
Just beyond the window pane.


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