Drug Abuse Poem

Life After Drug Addiction

As a young boy, I found drugs and alcohol to be my escape from the troubles that plagued my life. Like with most people, they started to do me more harm than good. I'm two weeks clean, the longest time I can remember in the past 4 years, and I'm just starting to relearn how to live my life.

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Trying To Find A Balance


Published by Family Friend Poems April 2017 with permission of the Author.

My life is like a puzzle when I'm not looking at it high.
Makes me stronger like a muscle when I see through clear eyes.
It seems never-ending, like the formula for pi.
Would it really be the worst thing if I disappeared and died?

But why, I ask God, is my path so unclear?
I put on this face for family, when I'm really all fear.
Hustling through the shadows of my slow-stepped peers,
Only thing that keeps me going is the fact I made it here.

A mere pawn in this screwed up game of life.
Just getting out of bed to get ready is a fight.
Blinded by the darkness, asking God for some light.
Give up and take the loss, I just might.

Or write out each and every little step
Of what I just did or what I'll do next.
Just now am I feeling that I might pass the test,
Prove to myself that I'm as normal as the rest.


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