Drug Abuse Poem

Drug Addiction Impacts The Entire Family

In 2009, I lost my only brother to drugs. Within 2 more years, I lost 2 cousins the same way. These 3 young men left 4 children fatherless. The drug epidemic hits too close to home for me. I often still find myself wondering how life would be different for all of us had they all never tried drugs in the first place.
This poem is an appeal to society to stop the silence surrounding drugs and addiction, and especially appeal to today's youth to never try drugs because it destroys multiple lives.

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Entrapped By Addiction


Published by Family Friend Poems December 1, 2023 with permission of the Author.

We have a silent epidemic,
Killing off our next generation.
It starts with one poor choice,
And ends with a struggle against temptation.

No one likes to talk about it,
Until it hits close to home.
Even then most avoid the topic,
Because they feel they are completely alone.

The truth is it surrounds us,
And affects more people than you may know.
It may start off with a thrilling high,
But it always ends with demoralizing low.

As a society we must come together,
And find a way to fight for our youth.
They believe a one time high can't hurt them,
But we must make sure they know the truth.

Addition is a life-long battle,
Which starts from the very first high,
And no matter how "high" they may feel,
The battle won't end until they die.

Living high is no way to live,
Because it destroys you from the inside out.
You lose your friends and family,
And your future becomes nothing to dream about.

Before you know it you're living to get high,
And getting high to simply survive,
Everything else in your life has fallen apart,
And you're wishing you could find a way to thrive.

You want your life back,
But don't know how to make amends.
Destruction is your specialty,
And now you must find the strength to transcend.

How can you keep your dreams intact?
How can you avoid this affliction?
Make the right decision the first time around
To prevent being entrapped by addiction.


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