Hard Times Poem

Trying To Keep My Husband

Remember the joy and love that we share and stay in this relationship. Honey, you need to remember our love and quit being so stubborn.

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You Need


Published: April 2008

You told me you loved me
You shared all your hopes and fears
You spoke of your goals
You make me shed many tears

You were once so open and honest
You did so many things right from the start
You seemed very sincere
You have since broken my heart

You promised me the world
You gave me reasons to believe
You allowed me to spread my wings
You make me feel like you will only deceive

You stole my heart away
You used to be full of fun and joy
You made me feel like I was special
You have me thinking I was just a toy

You made love to me, and I gave you children
You eventually made me your spouse
You cared about my feelings once upon a time
You treat me today as if I'm a louse

You need to treat me with respect and honor
You need to quit causing anymore pain and strife
You need to remember that I am your wife
You need to go back to the man that you once were
You need to stop lying to you and to me
You need to realize it's bringing much grief
You need to stop and think that I don't have to be

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