Angry Poem about Family

when I was about ten or eleven my parents got divorced and I was devastated about it so I started to rebel and then my mother got rid of me and shipped me off to my dad which I was happy about that but I still blamed myself for the divorce and her sending me away I had many experiences with drugs cutting depression and anxiety after that and now that I'm almost 18 which is really soon July to be exact I'm getting my life back on track and looking forward to a brighter future and I've forgiven my mom and we are building that relationship up again.

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Can You Hear Me!


Published: February 2009

Can You Hear Me!
Where were you when the tears fell?
When the blood began to flow?
Where were you when I was scared?
When all my skies were gray,
And I lost all hope?
Where were you through all the years?
When it all began?
Where were when I was hurt and bleeding, when I needed you?
Where were you when I was sad and in jail?
When there was no strength left,
And where the hell are you now?

When it all came down and the walls were crashing in,
All was lost and gone, and when I fought?

Where were you when I stayed up and cried myself to sleep each night,
and I tossed and turned?
And where are you now?
That I'm stuck and there's nowhere to turn?
So I ask you this where will you be,
When the walls come down again?
Where will you turn when the tables turn?
And there is no wear to hide or no one to blame?



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