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I don't understand why he did this to himself if he had just had his baby boy. rip friend we love you!

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I awake to aloud crash coming from my daughters room as I get out of bed I hear something go boom when I open the door I see death standing over her bed things in her room flying as...

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R.I.P Tory


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2009

you always told me I was stupid for trying to commit suicide, if you thought I was stupid why did you do it, why did you hurt your family and friends, you left an empty space in our hearts and left your brother insane.

you left a two month baby boy and thank god he looks just like you, that's the only thing you left from you, other than your heart, you will be missed a lot, I remember when you saw me crying, the words that came out your mouth were amazing, and when you saw my son for the first time you loved him, I could tell by the look on your eyes.

why did you do that to yourself, your driving your baby mama crazy, wondering why if you loved her, you didn't even leave a note, you looked so happy, and out of nowhere I find out you killed yourself...


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  • Alisha by Alisha
  • 11 years ago

I awake to aloud crash
coming from my daughters room
as I get out of bed
I hear something go boom
when I open the door
I see death standing over her bed
things in her room flying
as he touches her head
I scream a choked no
that he could barely hear
my voice replaced
with something only to be called fear
he looked up at me
and all I saw was black
he put his hand up
and the door pushed me back
pushing the door
and turning the knob
because of my daughters life
I cannot be robbed
a bunch of loud noises
as the door swings open
I go to my daughter
and my heart is now broken
with a touch of her head
my baby is dead
I watched her die
but I couldn't stop it
no one knows how that can feel
the angel of death at his kill

  • North Dakota by North Dakota
  • 11 years ago

this is so sad I lost my best friend last year ): her ex bf couldn't take being away from her so he shot her and himself in from of her house no one was home... it all happened on my baby sisters birthday ):

  • Chasity by Chasity, Oklahoma
  • 12 years ago

Wow, this touched my heart, this is basically what happened to me, but my baby daddy didn't even get to see his twins, his daughter & son, before he killed himself. It hurts knowing that he did this and just 3 days before he seemed so happy, and then this happens. I don't understand, what went wrong? I have so many things to ask him. But, baby, thanks for making our 2 beautiful babies they look so much like you. They are already 1 year old, I miss you so much babe it drives me crazy knowing that you are not here with us, but you will forever be in OUR hearts.. We Love & Miss You Angel Rodriguez.. Caden & Zendaya Miss You..

Angel Rodriguez

  • Koketso by Koketso
  • 12 years ago

Wow its amazing how the ones you always thought they would never die at least not now, at least not until they have shared a few moments with you. I met someone I had hoped to know for the rest of my life, I was working on a rather personal assignment he gave me and only now I got the answer to his one simple question, he is not here to hear it. the one thing I regret is postponing to make that one phone call, and I will kick myself forever for not keeping contact...and when I see him again I will ask him why did you choose to take your own life and leave your friends and family in such pain.

  • Myranda by Myranda, Milwaukee
  • 12 years ago

This really touched me. someone I was talking to committed suicide out of nowhere and the day he did it I was supposed to hang out with him that same day. People say he did it because he had got into a argument with his ex.. he was only 15 at the time. I just wonder why he would do that to his family and friends, he still had his whole life ahead of him. but I just look on the bright side... I will meet with him one day R.I.P Guerro

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