Humorous Poem

A Cowboy And His Horse

This is a true story about a friend of ours who would ride his horse into town to the local saloon for a few chug-a-lugs, but one day his luck ran out and guess what? Yep, got caught by the officers.

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Published: March 2017

Willis the cowpoke rode into town
On his Old Jugs, just horsing around.
Down highway 26 he rode Old Jugs
To the local saloon for a few chug-a-lugs.

Tying to a flag pole, Old Jugs he did hitch.
Into the saloon, a thirst he did quench.
An officer steps up and warns with a frown,
"Get on your horse and ride out of town!"

The sheriff is coming not far behind.
Old Jugs to the shelter and Willis a fine,
So Willis, he jumps on Old Jugs and replies,
“Not my horse to the shelter, you will not take.
I'll ride him on home; no law will I break."

The sheriff steps up and says to dismount.
A test of sobriety we must have the count.
The charge was drunk driving while riding on Jugs.
A steep fine to pay for a few chug-a-lugs.

A riled up Willis spent the night in the tank
To pay for a charge he claimed not to make.
Down to the courthouse he'll saddle up and ride
To face his accusers with Old Jugs by his side.

But we all know when it's all said and done,
He'll saddle Old Jugs and ride into town for
A few chug-a-lugs.



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