Heartbreak Poem by Teens

I found this in my diary....wrote it ages ago....thought I will post it here...

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Your Stupid Heart


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011 with permission of the author.

Your stupid heart
I started alone
I'm ending alone
In between you came, hold my hands and laid your head in my shoulder.
We talked till morning and we walked together.
You made me smile and made me feel like I got you to live for
But then you changed just like other men. You were no different.
You were far away
I couldn't see you
You faded away in dark cloud
You didn't come to walk with me
You didn't talk to me
You didn't made me smile
I lost you for ever
For ever
You were with her, your princess, the one declared love to you first
You didn't hear my heart beating fast for you
You didn't see my pain
I saw you sitting next to her, didn't you think about me then?
I saw you and her pictures. Did you think she is the one for you?
What happened between us? Was it your joke? Did I fall for your spell?
I lose you for ever
I was ashamed of myself for falling in love with you.
It just wasn't an affection or crush. I was deep love.
I know you certainly didn't felt that.
I was fooled. Just like millions of other girls who love their boy that they will die for them.
But at the end the boy won leaving the girl with pain.


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